In 2015 we marked two significant historical milestones: the 40th anniversary of the formal end of the Vietnam War, and the 20th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Vietnam.

Those who lost fathers in the conflict have their own anniversaries. Every year, on the day our fathers died, we reflect on their lives and their legacy. 

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There are approximately 20,000 of us on the American side. By all counts, there are many, many thousands more in Vietnam. We've all heard one side of the story about why the war was fought, and about the impact it had on our families and our country. None of us knew much about the other side. What memories
were they left with? How have they lived with their own losses? How do they explain the war to their own children? 

The 2 Sides Project united these sons and daughters for the first time, so that
we could share our stories and compare our experiences. We held meetings in Hanoi, the Quang Tri province, Da Nang, Saigon. Pictures and reports on the trip have been posted in the blog and on our Facebook page

The 2 Sides Project was founded in March 2015 by Margot Carlson Delogne. Her father, Air Force Captain John W. Carlson, was killed in action near Bien Hoa in 1966. He is still listed as MIA. Margot went to Vietnam in 2009 and visited what she thought was her father's crash site. She returned in 2015 with a new mission, and new information that brought her to most the likely location where her father's plane went down.