Here are just a few of the people who have supported and
helped to develop the 2 Sides Project. Thanks to them all! 


Members of the #firstsix: Mike Burkett, Patty Loew, Susan Mitchell-Mattera, Ron Reyes and Margaret Von Lienen. You have shown great compassion, and courage. There was no better group to have gone on the inaugural trip. 

Katherine Bragg, my colleague and a social media and PR maven extraordinaire. Kat has given us expert advice on everything from Twitter to pitching to, well, everything in between.

Tony Cordero, founder of Sons and Daughters in Touch (SDIT). Tony paved the way for U.S. sons and daughters to connect and support each other when he founded SDIT 25 years ago. He's been an inspiration to us all, and his great advice and counsel have steered the 2 Sides Project from the start.

Jared Groneman, filmmaker, photographer, all-around a good and cheerful and patient man. Jared donated his time to film the documentary. His careful eye helped us capture amazing scenes on film.

Emily Haggman, marketer extraordinaire and co-founder of the Haggman marketing agency. Emily's husband Eric has just written a terrific political thriller called The Apology, and they have a cat with the best name ever: Shanghai Kitty. 

Andrea Houchard, a good friend of the 2 Sides Project and a modern day philosopher. Her advice and extraordinary connections have helped us shape the idea for the project.

Jeff Hudgens, founder of Impact Laos, an organization that brings humanitarian aid to the people of Laos. Jeff's father was lost during the Vietnam War over Laos. Jeff has given us his time and his thinking, and has shared his experience traveling in Southeast Asia. 

Anthony Istrico, filmmaker and master storyteller, and founder of Istrico Productions, based in Washington, D.C. Anthony's ability to capture and create great stories is undeniable. When we asked about his “friends and family” price for making a documentary, he said he’d donate his time and his team’s time to film and edit. We are all grateful beyond words.

Wayne Karlin, author of Wandering Souls: Journeys with the Dead and the Living in Viet Nam. Wayne is so supportive of the idea of sons and daughters from both sides connecting, and has given us important insights about the Vietnamese people and culture. He's also written a beautiful book. 

Björn Krondorfer, PhD, of Northern Arizona University. Björn's experience joining the two sides affected by World War II provides important lessons about how we can connect. He's also made us more sensitive to the culture of Vietnam.

Nora Kubach, the best film editor ever, and the master storyteller at Istrico Productions. Nora can find compelling stories where no one else sees them, and her passion shows through in every piece she works on. 

Fran McNamara, our friend, a beautiful artist, and the designer who created the 2 Sides logo and developed this website. She’s pretty ace, non?

Dong Nguyen, the original Vietnamese supporter of the 2 Sides Project. His connections and introductions led us to the Vietnam USA Society (VUS), see below.

Ho Nguyen. We met Ho through Wayne Karlin, for whom he's done translation work. Ho has graciously given his advice and direction. His personal story and conviction that nothing is more important than peace -- for ourselves and for others -- has inspired us all. 

Lori Scanlon, all-around marketing genius and colleague. Lori makes Margot think better, write better, and do everything better, because she’s just that smart. 

Colleen Shine, a fellow SDIT member who has given us important perspectives on history, and insights to navigate the intricacies of talking and interacting with others about the war.

Suzanne Sigona, a longtime friend of Sons and Daughters in Touch,  a longtime volunteer at The Wall in D.C. and a veteran Vietnam traveler. Suzanne recently won the 2015 Libby Hatch Volunteer Award, recognizing her “fierce loyalty and a warm heart channeled into honoring our nation's Vietnam veterans and promoting healing among all those affected by the Vietnam War.” She offered to join us for part of the trip, and we were thrilled. She has and will be an important source of comfort and support for us all.

The Vietnam-USA Society (VUS), and its dedicated Secretary General, Bui Van Nghi. The VUS organized our trip and helped us to meet with sons and daughters in Vietnam. Mr. Nghi has been a great partner to work with, and we're looking forward to many more trips under his care and guidance. We're also grateful for the nonstop care and exceptional skills of Ms. Yen, who accompanied us on the inaugural trip. She was translator and tour guide, but quickly became a sister to us all. 


The real and lasting victories are those of peace, and not of war.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson