Coming to a PBS station near you and on
The World Channel in 2018!

The 2 Sides Project is a feature documentary that follows
the unforgettable journey of six U.S. sons and daughters as they
discover a country and a people with a shared history.

Over 11 days in December 2015, American and Vietnamese sons and daughters—who had all lost fathers during the war—met for the first time. The film captures the entire story, not just the transformative two sides encounters, but the profoundly moving experiences these Americans had while visiting the sites where their fathers died, and the powerful encounters they had with the country itself.

Istrico Productions, led by Anthony Istrico, shot more than 150 hours of footage to cover every important moment and every vibrant detail of the journey.

Be transformed by the journey that opened our ears, and our hearts. 


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WSRE is the sponsoring PBS station for The 2 Sides Project documentary. The film is airing on PBS stations nationwide throughout 2018, and on PBS's World Channel.

 Anthony Istrico, Director and Founder of Istrico Productions

Anthony Istrico, Director and Founder of Istrico Productions

As director of The 2 Sides Project, Anthony
was able to bring together many of his
passions to produce a story that uncovers unexpected strengths to inspire and empower. “If our work can reach those who need it and help them feel they are not alone, than we’ve done our job.”

 Nora Kubach, Creative Producer and Editor

Nora Kubach, Creative Producer and Editor

A consummate creator with a background in theater and business, Nora’s stage today is the editing studio. She instantly develops a personal connection for the viewer, best evidenced in her recent work as writer and editor for The 2 Sides Project. With a limited timetable, Nora uncovered an untold story in an engaging and emotional film. 

 Jared Groneman, Director of Photography/Animator

Jared Groneman, Director of Photography/Animator


Jared brought his creative eye, an ability to
adapt to any situation, and a passion for
empowering his subjects to The 2 Sides Project documentary. His favorite part of the project?
“The first 6,” the six Americans who took the
journey to Vietnam.


 Marco Duran, Post-Production Assistant

Marco Duran, Post-Production Assistant


Marco's appreciation of film and music keep his eyes and ears wide open, bringing a unique perspective to his work. His strong connection with the characters in The 2 Sides Project gave him a better understanding of the best way to bring a story to life. He provided not only assistance with sourcing assets, but also gave his brilliant creative perspective.


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“The practice of peace and reconciliation is one of the most vital and artistic of human actions.”
Nhat Hanh